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#30: the wire picspam

I didn't think I'd have a chance to enter picspammy's current Scenes and Sequences challenge before the deadline, but I managed to whip this up just now! :D

Warnings: Contains lots of swearing! Also, it's a little spoilery if you haven't seen everything beforehand but only minor spoilers from things vaguely mentioned.

Speaking of spoilers, I haven't finished watching The Wire yet; I'm still early on in season three, so I'd appreciate not having any comments that will spoil me for the rest of the show!

Caps are by me (why is it so hard to find caps of this show??!). I transcribed this myself so any mistakes (like the road names) are my fault. Plus, I still haven't worked out the names of Stringer's two 'guys' so I've called them 'Guy #1' (the one holding a book) and 'Guy #2' (the one wearing a hat) for their few lines in this scene.


Bodie: With these towers down, we need to take the rest of them low-rises and all them Feyer Street corners.
Stringer: Take 'em? Take them how Mr. Bodie?
Poot: He's saying fuck it, take 'em.
Stringer: Nigger, you ain't got the floor. Chair ain't recoginsed your ass. Take 'em how?
Bodie: I don't know. Just...let them Fayette niggers know we serious, right?
Stringer: Yeah, like you did on McCullen Street last year? Snatch the real estate, load up, and wait for some shit to happen, right? [Bodie sits down.] Nah, man, we done worrying about terrioty, what corner we got, what project. The game ain't about that no more. It's about product. Yeah. We got the best goddamn product so we gonna sell no matter where we are, right? Product, motherfuckers. Product. [Slim Charles raises his hand.] Chair recognises Slim Charles.

Slim Charles [standing up]: Chair, our people got to stand somewhere, don't they? I mean, all the product in the world don't mean nothing if you're constantly getting your ass whooped for standing on another fools corner.
Stringer: A'ight. We had six of the towers on the terrace right? All running 24/7, but three of those we had to give to Prop Joe's people to upgrade the package that we was putting out there, right? Now how much do you think we lost in the deal? [Silence] Alright, the answer is we made more. Half the real estate, twice the product. And our profit went up like 8, 9 percent. Yo, get it straight, your territory ain't gonna mean shit if your product is weak. Go ahead and ask them motherfuckers trying to sell them four-tempos and you got niggers riding around in Japanese and German cars in America all day; territory ain't shit. 'Specially when you consider it's the fight for the territory that be bringing the bodies and the bodies that bring the police.

Bodie: Yeah, but how we gonna stand -
Guy #1: Yo. Chair ain't recognised your ass man.
Bodie [quickly raises his hand]: How we gonna stand -
Guy #2 [gesturing]: Come on man.
Bodie [stands up]: How we gonna stand on some corner that's not ours?
Stringer: We got the pest product right? So the chances are we gonna be able to bring in the competition by offering the re-up with us from our package. Feeling me? Everybody be making money sharing the real estate. - Slim Charles.

Slim Charlies: What if they don't cop our re-up though?
Stringer: I'm gonna worry about that when it happen. Until then Mr. Charles we gonna handle this shit like businessmen. Sell the shit, make the profit, lay down that gangster bullshit. [Poot raises his hand] Yeah.
Poot: Do the chair know we gonna look like some punkass bitches out there?
Stringer [slaps the mike away and storms towards Poot, yelling]: Motherfucker I will punk your ass for saying some shit.
Guy #1: Yo! Yo, String.
Stringer: What?
Guy #1: Poot did have the floor man.
Stringer: Shut the fuck up. This nigger too ignorant to have the fucking floor. [Poot sits down] Ya'll niggers need to start looking at the world in a new fucking light. Start thinking about this shit like some grown fucking men, not some niggers off the fucking corner, you heard me? Adjourn your asses.
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